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There are not two opinions on this fact that WordPress is a popular content management system among the bloggers all across the world. The reason of its popularity is not only its easy to feature, but also it is packed with other great features that make it quite user-friendly. Undoubtedly, this platform provides a great […]

Changing the theme of your WordPress site is only a matter of a few clicks, but making sure that you maintain all your site’s functionality involves a checklist and some careful work before and after the new theme is activated. The smoothness of the transition will depend on which two themes you’re switching between, and […]

WordPress sites can often face a a slow performance. There are two risks associated with websites that loads at a slow pace – visitors will get frustrated and leave the site before checking out on it and search engines will try to ding the site for being too sluggish. There are several easy ways through […]

While owning a blog site is a hobby for many people, there are also many others who blog to generate an income. Blogging for business is about bringing in more traffic to one’s blog site as the more number of visitors the more will be the income. In order to bring in more traffic to […]

Blog branding is a must do in today’s world in order to promote the name, look and feel of the blog over the internet. At the outset, blog branding may seem to be very easy but you need to make a special effort to successfully brand your blog. All the major corporations follow blog branding […]

With the changing scenario in the technical field and with a new mobile device hitting the market each day, developing mobile websites and meeting the resolution of each device wasn’t getting the right attention by the developers, users as well as by Search Engines. Hence, the solution came as responsive web design. No doubt that […]

What is WordPress? WordPress is a blog platform that provides a free blogs site for bloggers.  However, most of the experienced bloggers prefer to use a self-hosted WordPress blog with their own personal domain to boost up their blog marketing. Here are some of the reasons why it is advantageous to use WordPress in blogs. […]