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If you’re a novice WordPress developer, then the thought of making changes to your website settings may seem a challenging task to you. But in reality, “WordPress Settings” can help you manage your website settings in a hassle-free manner. The settings screen can be located from the WordPress dashboard, and offers plenty of options to […]

One of the best ways to market a business is probably through internet marketing. Especially in the case of small businesses, it is important for them to find an avenue where they can make themselves known without spending too much. But for first time business owners without a background in making websites, it would be […]

Have you heard of brands like CNN, New York Times, Ford and People Magazine? There is something common in them and that is the use of WordPress for their brand development. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) platform that web designers, bloggers and big brands trust. If you wish to start a blog or […]

Writing and managing blog content is a challenging exercise in creativity. Perusing around other blogs allows the designer to glean some new ideas, and in turn this can enhance the appearance and function of your creation. Of course you don’t want to blatantly rip off other ideas, but you can draw on influences to create […]

WordPress loops is one of the simplest ways to create custom featured articles . Custom loops will make the process simple as pie. The code below, for example, will pull articles only from the featured category. You can update this to include whatever you’d use.

The memory limit for your server can become a problem once your blog gains traffic. To increase the amount of memory limit allowed in PHP use this simple line of code in your wp-config file.

Add custom post types feed to your WordPress main RSS feed. Add the following code to your functions.php file, change ‘theme’, ‘coupon’ to your own custom post types.

The WordPress is an essential software program which is web-based and it is mainly used by the bloggers to maintain their blogs and website. Initially it was used for making the blogs but the changes were added with the help from the Open source group. This group includes the efficient programmers working in the WordPress, […]