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As a new WordPress user, you have every reason to be excited. Everything, from publishing content to integrating functionalities via plugins, is all served to you in one user-friendly interface. You just need to identify your website goals, find the right components and have the patience to read truckloads of learning resources to refine your […]

Spamming has always been a big problem for all the businesses online. A single spam comment affects all other online blogging platforms as well like discussion forums, and many others. This is sad that it is not easy to stop this spamming completely and it will somehow attack your WordPress website. But spammers are still […]

When people think of WordPress, they usually think of a “blog”. Although WordPress is one of the world’s largest blogging platforms, it is also a complete content management system and a great way to build many different types of websites. The debate arrises when deciding which version of WordPress to use: vs. Gil […]

There are not two opinions on this fact that WordPress is a popular content management system among the bloggers all across the world. The reason of its popularity is not only its easy to feature, but also it is packed with other great features that make it quite user-friendly. Undoubtedly, this platform provides a great […]

Changing the theme of your WordPress site is only a matter of a few clicks, but making sure that you maintain all your site’s functionality involves a checklist and some careful work before and after the new theme is activated. The smoothness of the transition will depend on which two themes you’re switching between, and […]

When you are going to upload your article in any blog platform like WordPress, then you should remember that your article should satisfy some criteria as well. The reason is that it is very much important for you to upload the quality article, which will attract the royal visitors as well. Moreover, it will increase […]

WordPress sites can often face a a slow performance. There are two risks associated with websites that loads at a slow pace – visitors will get frustrated and leave the site before checking out on it and search engines will try to ding the site for being too sluggish. There are several easy ways through […]

Plugins can really help streamline your WordPress blog. There are thousands out there and you need to choose the right ones that will help your site become more interactive. For first-time users, installing plugins can be a little challenging. One small mistake and you might notice there is something wrong with your blog. Resolving the […]