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One of the best ways to market a business is probably through internet marketing. Especially in the case of small businesses, it is important for them to find an avenue where they can make themselves known without spending too much. But for first time business owners without a background in making websites, it would be […]

Startups are looking for creating websites that will actually work and generate sales to show their new ideas, writing a business plan and more. In this post we’ve present some great WordPress themes for startups or grown-up companies that you should find very useful. Fusion Fusion is a sleek and flashy theme that melds fun […]

Gird system is a very important element to study in web Design that can make your website organized, clean and readable. using a grid layout in WordPress theme design is rapidly increased, so we collected here 17 Cool Grid-Style WordPress Themes, enjoy! Grido Old Post Old Post is a WordPress tumblog theme with a grid-based […]

WordPress is an excellent powerful tool for blogging used by millions of webmasters all over the world to create a powerful and professional website/blogs and can be used for basic content management. Having a blog is a great way of sharing knowledge, discuss viewpoints, doing business on the Internet. WordPress can be the easiest and […]

WordPress loops is one of the simplest ways to create custom featured articles . Custom loops will make the process simple as pie. The code below, for example, will pull articles only from the featured category. You can update this to include whatever you’d use.

Add custom post types feed to your WordPress main RSS feed. Add the following code to your functions.php file, change ‘theme’, ‘coupon’ to your own custom post types.

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