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The advent of social media platforms has made sharing information with other people easy. Blogging is one of the most versatile ways of sharing information on the web. While there are many blogging platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular. According to statistics published by Technorati, more than 72 million WordPress blogs have been […]

WordPress can be used to start your online store. WordPress eCommerce themes can assist you if you are looking to start a new website that actually is a store. You will benefit of the ease installation of eCommerce templates, and also SEO features, so your next step now is choosing a great WordPress eCommerce theme […]

WordPress is currently the world’s most famous blogging platform. With the huge number of websites built using the WordPress system, it has proven time and again that it is more than capable of churning out simple blogs. The more accurate definition would be “website creation tool.” WordPress has the ability to create complex yet efficient […]

Web designer need a portfolio to show samples of his work to new clients. Your portfolio should showcase the best of your work.Responsive WordPress portfolio theme looks modern, compatible with many mobile and tablet specific platforms and has wonderful typography and large images which would create an attractive looking portfolio site. In this post we […]

Good templates should integrate social media. There are many nice WordPress Themes available on the Internet, using social media optimized WordPress theme is the best way to effectively promote your blog. In this post we have compiled the best social media WordPress themes. CherryTruffle

For webmasters and marketers worldwide, it is especially essential to switch to a responsive WordPress theme that suit the operating system, platform and screen of different mobile devices. I gathered here 12 top mobile WordPress themes. Enjoy! HandHeld Mobile

Using a single page WordPress theme helps you in maintaining a web site quick and easy. Single page websites can be used for promoting product, making online portfolios, announcements, personal pages, compact information display and more. So here are 17 beautiful single page WordPress themes if you want to make a single page website powered […]

Using HTML5 WordPress theme for your blog will allow users to enjoy highly responsive web pages that suit desktop and mobile screen as well. In this post we have compiled some awesome responsive HTML5 WordPress themes. Enjoy! SmartStart WP