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There is nothing better than programming in today’s society of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal powered websites, considering most of the scripting is easy to manipulate and many developers can finish projects in bulk – whereas before writing thousands of HTML code took forever. Programmers who utilize the below six cascading style sheet frameworks will enjoy […]

So you’ve made the decision to open your own restaurant.You have the location, the menu and the staff. What’s missing? The answer is simple, an attractive website to your target customer base, and with the help of the Internet, you can get a great wordpress theme for your restaurant for little money, and without much […]

With the changing scenario in the technical field and with a new mobile device hitting the market each day, developing mobile websites and meeting the resolution of each device wasn’t getting the right attention by the developers, users as well as by Search Engines. Hence, the solution came as responsive web design. No doubt that […]

Using WordPress as CMS for your news site is a good idea to make changing your design a really easy process. There are many WordPress news themes that would work well for those in publishing to highlight videos, articles, media and slideshows. In this post we have collected 18 high quality WordPress themes to build […]

This list is not going to be a traditional post explaining about old plugins from wordpress directory. Here I’m going to share my views about some super cool wordpress plugins which has seen their launch recently. Live Blogging – Setup a liveblog in minutes Mostly needed plugin for tech related blogs and blogs that track […]

WordPress is an excellent CMS used to build websites. Most of premium WordPress themes are easy to manage by any one with or without technical skills and come up with theme panel for customizing your WordPress site template with your own design!. In this post we are featuring top 10 WordPress theme companies.

Premium WordPress themes should come with unique features plus an options panel that can be easily customized. Most of the WordPress developers create theme option panel for layout, background and navigation configuration and also to help users or clients modify the theme without changing any codes. Today we want to list some of the best […]

What is WordPress? WordPress is a blog platform that provides a free blogs site for bloggers.  However, most of the experienced bloggers prefer to use a self-hosted WordPress blog with their own personal domain to boost up their blog marketing. Here are some of the reasons why it is advantageous to use WordPress in blogs. […]