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The virtual world that is the Internet is today replete with numerous websites that make best use of the WordPress content management system. Owing to this, a large number of WordPress plugins have been created for the use of website owners, available both free of cost as well as paid services. With these plugins, the […]

When people think of WordPress, they usually think of a “blog”. Although WordPress is one of the world’s largest blogging platforms, it is also a complete content management system and a great way to build many different types of websites. The debate arrises when deciding which version of WordPress to use: vs. Gil […]

Plugins can really help streamline your WordPress blog. There are thousands out there and you need to choose the right ones that will help your site become more interactive. For first-time users, installing plugins can be a little challenging. One small mistake and you might notice there is something wrong with your blog. Resolving the […]

Have you heard of brands like CNN, New York Times, Ford and People Magazine? There is something common in them and that is the use of WordPress for their brand development. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) platform that web designers, bloggers and big brands trust. If you wish to start a blog or […]

Writing and managing blog content is a challenging exercise in creativity. Perusing around other blogs allows the designer to glean some new ideas, and in turn this can enhance the appearance and function of your creation. Of course you don’t want to blatantly rip off other ideas, but you can draw on influences to create […]

The memory limit for your server can become a problem once your blog gains traffic. To increase the amount of memory limit allowed in PHP use this simple line of code in your wp-config file.

The WordPress is an essential software program which is web-based and it is mainly used by the bloggers to maintain their blogs and website. Initially it was used for making the blogs but the changes were added with the help from the Open source group. This group includes the efficient programmers working in the WordPress, […]

WordPress themes have revolutionised the internet. Now, people can have professional, clean websites almost instantly, without having to hired expensive designers. They can bring their site up to date, both in terms of design and technology, without having to take their site offline for long. They can customise their web design without needing to learn […]