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Writing and managing blog content is a challenging exercise in creativity. Perusing around other blogs allows the designer to glean some new ideas, and in turn this can enhance the appearance and function of your creation. Of course you don’t want to blatantly rip off other ideas, but you can draw on influences to create […]

The memory limit for your server can become a problem once your blog gains traffic. To increase the amount of memory limit allowed in PHP use this simple line of code in your wp-config file.

The WordPress is an essential software program which is web-based and it is mainly used by the bloggers to maintain their blogs and website. Initially it was used for making the blogs but the changes were added with the help from the Open source group. This group includes the efficient programmers working in the WordPress, […]

WordPress themes have revolutionised the internet. Now, people can have professional, clean websites almost instantly, without having to hired expensive designers. They can bring their site up to date, both in terms of design and technology, without having to take their site offline for long. They can customise their web design without needing to learn […]

WordPress is among the best blogging platforms, which promises a number of features, tools and themes for different blogging and online newspaper publication purposes. The best part about this platform is you hardly require any working knowledge of writing programming codes. There are countless plugins and themes, which help you to customize the performance and […]

When you’re a photographer looking for a WordPress theme for your blog, there’s one main thing you want it to do – put your photos front and centre. WordPress is a fantastic content management system for a lot of different things, but it does mean that standard themes won’t always cut it. Photography themes do […]

It’s often difficult to decide whether you should add copy protection measures to your website. No one likes to have their content stolen and used for the profit of others. But, on the other hand, sharing is an essential part of how the Web functions and is necessary for getting as wide an audience as possible. […]

Theme builders are applications that work with WordPress and let you design and develop websites even without programming knowledge. Instead of writing of thousands of lines of code, you’d be designing your site on an editor that resembles your WP dashboard. Flexibility and freedom, these buzzwords lead to the development of Theme Builders to help […]