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As a new WordPress user, you have every reason to be excited. Everything, from publishing content to integrating functionalities via plugins, is all served to you in one user-friendly interface. You just need to identify your website goals, find the right components and have the patience to read truckloads of learning resources to refine your […]

Speed is everything for the internet users. According to a study by, just one-second delay in page loading can cause a loss of 7% in conversion. Another survey reveals that 47% of web users usually abandon a site that fails to load within 2- 3 seconds. They are also more likely to share their […]

In this 21st century, life without a mobile phone is impossible. Mobile phones have become an integral part of all our lives. These days, the regular mobile phones do not function. It is the age of smartphones where people are depended on for most of their work. Long gone are the days when mobile phones […]

The WordPress CMS is improving constantly with each passing day. From a simple blogging platform to the most popular CMS, it has developed a lot. The free availability of the platform, regular updates, ease-of-use, the availability of themes and plugins- are some of the main reasons why tech-savvy people use this platform. When it comes […]

A very famous quote of Steve Jobs is” Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. Thus, it is crystal clear that the image of your company websiteover the web is the perfect reflection of your company identity and its credentials. If you have intense desire to […]

If you’re a novice WordPress developer, then the thought of making changes to your website settings may seem a challenging task to you. But in reality, “WordPress Settings” can help you manage your website settings in a hassle-free manner. The settings screen can be located from the WordPress dashboard, and offers plenty of options to […]

Spamming has always been a big problem for all the businesses online. A single spam comment affects all other online blogging platforms as well like discussion forums, and many others. This is sad that it is not easy to stop this spamming completely and it will somehow attack your WordPress website. But spammers are still […]

Many content marketers spend their valuable time in enhancing content to make it better to rank well in SERP. To make this  task simple, here I listed some wordpress plugins which will reduce your time and make content marketing easier than before. 1. Yoast SEO Your content not only has to impress your readers but […]